>A Green Canopy in Paati’s Backyard


Green-gold light. Blue skies. The glorious, generous shade of the trees restraining the fury of the warm August sun. All on a lazy, peaceful Saturday morning.

12 thoughts on “>A Green Canopy in Paati’s Backyard

  1. >dinesh kapur (not asking for pics, yet) – dk, decay, whateverI wouldn’t know that feeling – lazy Saturday morning – real people have working Saturdays .. though lazy Mondays I can boast off ..

  2. >Dinesh: Please. We don’t want to ruin an unspoilt blog :-).DK: ‘Real’ people? Lazy Mondays are good…much better than the blues that most normal people are forced to succumb to.

  3. >Thank you. Fame is good. Biographer? Definitely, only I have nothing on paper yet. I thought I’d start with Michael Schumacher, but I found a celebrity closer home. Hurrah for sources!

  4. >Javits: Fame is heady, intoxicating and numbing. It spices up uneventful lives. Sometimes, for sure, until it gets tiresome. The celebrity? The one whose biography I’m writing. Closer than Michael, right?Revathi: Thanks :-). Nature’s green is my favourite colour after blue.

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