>Some Real Bitter Chocolate


By the time I am done with my stint in Singapore, I am sure to have become a real connoiseur of dark chocolate. Who knows, when I return to India, I might be a chocolatier- Jaya and Her Chocolate Factory. There is chocolate from all over the world, particularly dark chocolate- with rum, nuts, almonds, raisins, or just classic pure bitter chocolate- in large stores dedicated only to chocolate. There is so much to choose from, it is absolutely bewildering. Rich dark chocolate from Belgium and Germany, as bitter as it can get, is an absolutely heavenly treat; as usual, most of my flatmates cannot understand my ‘weird’ tastes. Do tell me, though, what sane person can say no to dark chocolate?!


4 thoughts on “>Some Real Bitter Chocolate

  1. >Didn’t I tell you, I am actually reading ‘Chocolat’? Almost through. Such delicious descriptions of the most tantalising variety of chocolate…my roommates tease me to death about my fascination for it.

  2. >oh you are? no you didnt tell me…call me clairvoyant as always ;)reminds me, the last time Kanishkaa was here we’d gone for dinner with 2 more friends and the dessert we ordered was ‘Death by chocolate’ ! šŸ˜€

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