>Two important revelations to my unseeing eyes:
1) People do read my blog, maybe stumble upon them, but there has been atleast one recorded celebrity visit. Hurrah!
2) Never ever give people nicknames out of a book before you have finished it, because the character that seems to be might not be what he/she actually is, if that makes any sense. And never call the ‘nicknamed’ person directly by that name, for it might lead to much explanation and retraction later.

Reasons: Too delighted (1), embarrassed (2), exhausted (1 & 2) at the moment for any. Some of the details just might remain buried in posterity, or be blurted out in a moment of indiscretion. With me, I can hardly tell.


2 thoughts on “>Revelations

  1. >forgot to add this: You didn’t leave that old place for more readers.. the reasons were obvious and i guess you are happy blogging here. People with your language shouldn’t be bogged by that ‘land’ and its bickering. love your writing, kiddo..

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