>Planning my Dream

>I’m about to go to bed, and I have decided what I want to dream about- Peru. Machu Picchu, Inca women in colourful clothes, mountains lost amidst swirling clouds, the ghosts of long-gone people crying out in anguish at the treatment meted out to them- of forests, diverse climatic conditions, rain and sunshine, torrid heat and bitter cold- of languages that seem like a torrent of incoherently strung syllables poured forth, but have a beauty and charm beyond comprehension.

Do dreams come true?


5 thoughts on “>Planning my Dream

  1. >mm-hmm , They do. Dream on :)and that reminds me of aerosmith!Dream on, dream onDream yourself a dream come trueDream on, dream onDream until your dreams come trueDream on, dream on, dream on…

  2. >Sadly, Peru didn’t creep into my dreams…instead, it was work that did :-S. And trust me, it wasn’t a dream I’d want coming true.

  3. >Ashwin: Lovely. Now that’s what dreams are all about. History? I like it in bits and pieces, as it catches my fancy, not thrust down my throat. I do wish I’d paid more attention to History classes in school, though.Bhuvani: No, I haven’t. Thanks for the suggestion, though, because tomorrow is my library day, and I have been fishing for ideas.

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